Friday, April 29, 2011

Josh Homme to Appear on the Travel Channel's "No Reservations"

Josh Homme
Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age, Them Crooked Vultures, Eagles of Death Metal, Kyuss) will be joining author and Travel Channel host Anthony Bourdain for an episode of Bourdain's critically acclaimed food/travel show "No Reservations" set in the Southern California desert. Tony Bourdain's Travel Channel blog, and the No Reservations twitter account have confirmed that Josh will also be writing some original music for the episode.

There are few details available, but the episode seems to involve a Hunter S. Thompson inspired road trip through the desert in a 1966 Thunderbird with a questionable safety record. The sequence will apparently be set to music written by Josh specifically for the show.

Anthony Bourdain
Josh Homme and Anthony Bourdain are far from strangers. Back in December of 2007, Josh, and the Queens of the Stone Age made a guest appearance on the 2007 No Reservations  Holiday Special, as Tony's somewhat out-of-place holiday dinner guests. The show featured the Queens of the Stone Age humorously dressed in over-the-top holiday sweaters, and even performing a funny take on a traditional holiday song.

Tony and Josh eye up the carving knife...
Josh has admitted to being a fan of the show- referring to Anthony Bourdain as "The Punk Rock Chef." Bourdain, who has stated in his book "Kitchen Confidential" that he would typically blast the Ramones while working in the kitchen, is well known as a fan of hard rock and punk, and has a similar no-nonsense, no-pulled-punches, style of his own that seems to fit that title.

So it seems only natural that the "Punk Rock Chef" would turn once again to Josh Homme to film a travelogue of the remarkable Southern California deserts near Joshua Tree that inspired Josh's seemingly never-ending "Desert Sessions" project.

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