Sunday, March 9, 2014

Love Will Tear Us Apart (Joy Division)

This one isn't my usual style- but I have to say I find the whole "Post-Punk" scene of the late 70s/Early 80s interesting- it bridges the gap between true Punk Rock and the more mainstream New Wave/Emo/Goth music that grew out of it. One could make the argument that Post-Punk was the "Grunge Rock" movement of the previous generation. It was a similar time when some of the older musical styles were playing out, and something unique happened in the transition between the older trend and the newer long-term trend.

 Joy Division was one of the most iconic Post-Punk bands of the time. They started as "Warsaw" with a more punk oriented sound, and, after the tragic suicide of their lead singer, would later morph into the mainstream pop-oriented sounds under the name "New Order" "Love Will Tear Us Apart" was their most popular song. While it has some punk-ish moments, it features a strong bass hook (that's actually a lot of fun to play even if it is repetitive). Ian Curtis delivers a depressing set of lyrics about his rapidly dissolving marriage in a low register, that would later be things that would characterize some of the darker and more depressing of the New Wave bands. The similarities between Ian Curtis' story and Kurt Cobain's is clearly something to ponder.

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