Wednesday, May 4, 2011

WhoCares - Tony Iommi and Ian Gillan collaborate for charity

In 1988, a devastating earthquake struck Armenia, and left the country in shambles. In 1989 a group of hard rock/heavy metal musicians came together with the "Rock Aid Armenia" program- including Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath), and Ian Gillan (Deep Purple, Black Sabbath). The group produced an all star version of the Deep Purple classic song, "Smoke on the Water" with all proceeds going to the help the relief efforts in Armenia.

Recently Tony Iommi and Ian Gillan visited Armenia, and were struck by the still lingering devastation- particularly in a small music school in the town of Gyumri that has been operating out of a cluster of hastily built shacks- their home still not repaired since 1988.

Iommi and Gillan decided to start a new project to raise funds to repair the school. The project, titled Whocares, will release a single "Out of my Mind" with the B-side "Holy Water" along with a 30 minute documentary of the project, on May 6th 2011.

Whocares will feature a number of high-powered guest artists, such as Jon Lord (Deep Purple), Nicko McBrain (Iron Maiden), Linde Lindstrom (HIM), and Jason Newsted (Metallica, Voivod), among others.

Whocares marks the second time Tony Iommi and Ian Gillan have worked together since Ian Gillan's sort tenure with Black Sabbath for the "Born Again" album and tour in 1983.


  1. Update- the two tracks are now out on the market and available- check them out: