Saturday, June 4, 2011

Even the Slept (Local band from Philadelphia)

Local bands are the heart and soul of any music scene. These are the people who are out making music because it's what they love to do, day in, day out- usually with only a small amount of recognition, and rarely for more than a pocketful of money. These are the bands that may very well become the next big thing, or may have a strong influence on whatever that next big thing is. As important as they are to the culture of the music we all love, it is very easy for a writer to overlook them in favor of more popular, more well documented bands.

I'm going to attempt to correct that oversight in my own writing by introducing to you an up and coming band based in the Philadelphia, PA area called Even the Slept. Over the past few years, they have played numerous shows throughout the greater Philadelphia area, and have even ranged out as far as New York and Delaware. They have also spent time in the studio recording songs for their 2 track demo in 2009, and their upcoming EP, "Sinks the Ocean" (check it out their website and facebook page.)

Even the Slept consists of  Chris Young on vocals, Ryan McMurray on guitar, Kevin Gauntner on keyboards, Kurt Whiting on bass, and J Mello on drums. Their sound is in the realm of classic progressive rock with a modern facelift. Chris Young has an impressive vocal range that will naturally be compared to 1970s vintage Geddy Lee. Drummer J Mello leads the rhythm section through seamless time changes with the ease of an old pro - an asset to any aspiring prog-rock unit. Ryan's guitar sound seems to draw on modern influences such as Muse, as well as more classic-era influences- coupled with a willingness to drift into heavier crunch when needed. Their newest song "The Oculus" (listen to it below) clearly shows they are a band with a great deal of talent and creativity. It is a strong show of instrumental talent, coupled with soaring vocals and very intelligent lyrics- what more could a progressive rock fan ask for?

Innovation, and a touch of good humor are part of their musical DNA- even a tiny box of a popular candy can become a useful instrument in their hands...

Even the Slept's next show is on June 18th 2011 at the Grape Room in Philadelphia - I recommend going out to see them if you're in the area. Who knows, they may turn out to be the next big thing...

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