Saturday, June 4, 2011

Walk (video) - Foo Fighters (2011)

The Foo Fighters have released the third video from their new album "Wasting Light" - "Walk" on their website and YouTube. In true Foo Fighter fashion, the video is jam packed with the band's trademark slapstick humor.

"Walk" is probably the most inspirational song on the album- but, of course, the video contains nothing relating to the subject of the sing (other than the fact that it shows Dave Grohl walking around).

The thing that really drives the humor home is the fact that the video closely follows the plot of the film "Falling Down" - which is anything but an inspirational story...

The video starts with Dave Grohl dressed in a white button down shirt, a tie, and dress pants. He's stuck in his car in traffic, and is getting very frustrated about it- to the point of losing it. The scene has quick shots of his surroundings including humorous bumper stickers and graffiti, and some of the other Foo Fighters disguised as drivers of the other cars. From there, the video unfolds with funny recreations of scenes from "Falling Down" with Dave playing Michael Douglas' part- and it looks like they used many of the same exact locations in Los Angeles that were used in the movie...

You'll want to look out for the phone number hidden in the video (it's at the 2:28 mark if you watch it directly on youtube with annotations on). I suggest you call it- you'll get a fun surprise if you do. According to their facebook post earlier today, some of the results can be heard at the link- 


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