Friday, July 8, 2011

5 Songs for Casey Anthony

Everyone in the U.S. has heard about the Casey Anthony trial. Most people are very unhappy with the verdict. Whatever you believe really happened, you have to admit that the drama and outright lies surround the case are astounding. It is far weirder than an episode of CSI.

What disturbs you the most about it? Is it the fact that a young child was killed? Is it the fact that the mother was out partying like she was auditioning to be on "Jersey Shore" while her daughter lay dead? Was it the web of lies and fabrications about a non-existent nanny, and a fictional job at Universal Studios? Was it the wild abuse accusations aimed at the grandparents? Or was it the fact that there are more than a few songs out there that seem like they should be Casey Anthony's personal theme music?

1) Metallica - ...And Justice For All

The general buzz on the internet is that the "Not Guilty" verdict is just too hard to swallow- maybe the justice system really is as corrupt and hopeless as Metallica claimed it is when they wrote /Justice is lost/Justice is raped/Justice is gone/ back in 1988.

2) Agnostic Front - Blind Justice

Hardcore Punk bands were always great at expressing raw, undiluted anger. This song from Agnostic Front's 1984 album "Victim in Pain" aims that anger at the idea of institutionalized injustice with the refrain /There's no justice/It's just us/Blind justice/Screwed all of us!/

3) Papa Roach - Getting Away With Murder

The title of Papa Roach's 2004 single makes it's point in no uncertain terms. The video contains references to Casey Anthony's home state of Florida- although the video is referring to the controversial voter registration purges there that plagued the 2000 and 2004 presidential elections.

4) Black Sabbath - The Hand That Rocks the Cradle

Black Sabbath operated under the radar through most of the later 80s and 90s when their popularity, and that of metal in general, was in decline. In 1994 they recorded their album "Cross Purposes" with singer Tony Martin as frontman - a somewhat underrated album that produced several very good songs- such as this one. "The Hand That Rocks the Cradle" talks about the horrifying idea of a mother murdering her own child- and about the idea that this is a crime where no punishment could be terrible enough- /No grave could be deep enough/Down to hell if we were able/The veil of life was pushed aside/By the hand that rocks the cradle/

5) Rollins Band - Liar

Henry Rollins became well known as the lead singer of Black Flag- one of the pioneering bands of the Hardcore Punk movement. His solo career took the fury and anger of his Black Flag days to a new level with this single from his 1994 album "Weight." Henry does not mince words- he makes it very clear that he has little respect for people who cannot be truthful...

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